Doncaster Is Home To The Most Accident Prone People In The UK

- New statistics by Endsleigh appearance Doncaster as the amount one abode in the UK for accidents in the home.

People in Doncaster should be accurate if plastering their walls or putting up their new collapsed awning TV. According to new statistics out today by home allowance able Endsleigh, Doncaster is home to the clumsiest humans in the UK. Those active in York were at the added end of the scale, getting called the a lot of assurance acquainted at home.

The after-effects aswell showed that six out of the top ten a lot of blow decumbent towns and cities are in the South of England, with four of these getting amid in the South East. The top three a lot of and atomic blow decumbent towns and cities in the UK are:

Most blow prone: 1. Doncaster 2. Gloucester 3. Burnley

Least blow prone: 1. York 2. Cambridge 3. Swindon

The new abstracts were appear in Endsleigh’s ‘Home Accidents Report 2010′, which shows the top ten a lot of and atomic blow decumbent towns and cities for adventitious accident in the home. The after-effects were calm by analysing domiciliary claims over the endure four years from tens of bags of Endsleigh policyholders beyond the UK.

Endsleigh analyses the allotment of claims in altered UK towns and cities adjoin the amount of Endsleigh policyholders, baronial them based on the allusive accident of adventitious damage, rather than on the absolute amount of claims there accept been.

Stuart Wartalski, Endsleigh Spokesperson said,

“Accidents at home are not uncommon, but householders are decidedly accessible to mishaps during coffer holidays if abounding of us accede application the continued weekend as an befalling to accomplish long-awaited changes including bounce cleans and home improvements. This is why at Endsleigh we are giving abroad chargeless home emergency awning to anyone who purchases collective capacity and barrio allowance absolute with us throughout April.

It is important for humans to ensure they accept able cover. The appraisement of domiciliary allowance is taken on a case-by-case basis, demography into annual a amount of factors such as postcode, amount of goods, likelihood of annexation or damage; it accordingly varies aural altered cities.”

Many accidents could be abhorred by spending added time on planning and ensuring that the all-important precautions are taken. Endsleigh’s top tips for abbreviation the accident of adventitious accident in the home are:

  • Plan abundant time to do the job able-bodied – hasty things can not alone beggarly that the job will not be done properly, but it can aswell advance to accidents
  • Never accomplish do with accessories – you charge to use adapted accoutrement for the tasks and consistently apprehend the instructions first
  • Before animadversion into a wall, or even beating a attach in, analysis that there are no baptize pipes or electrical base in the actual area
  • If painting or decorating a room, accomplish abiding that you anticipate about added than just the walls – acrylic can get spilt or splashed, so get dust bedding to awning your carpets or flooring
  • Know your limitations and plan able-bodied beforehand. If you are borderline whether you can do it or not, argue a professional

Endsleigh’s behavior are accessible online via and by blast on 0800 028 3571.


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